What exactly is a mindjob?

According to Urban Dictionary a mindjob is defined as:

The act of having your mind blown. It’s something that just makes you sit back and say “daammn” or “dayum”.

How long is "too long" to give an answer?

No more than a fraction of a second. After a couple turns the length of time will become self-evident. If nobody is making mistakes you are either playing too slowly (not slapping mistakes soon enough) or you are ready increase the difficulty by adding the optional NSFW and/or drinking rules.

How do we use the NSFW and drinking rules?

Once you get the hang of the main rules, you can increase the level of difficulty by adding any of the optional NSFW or drinking rules. At the start of each round, select the optional rules that you would like to add and place those rule cards face up on the table so everyone can see them. These rules will then apply for the remainder of the round.

Do you ship outside of the US?

MINDJOB is sold on Amazon in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France and the UK with international shipping available for most locations.

Can I carry your game in my retail store?

Please send an email to for further info.

How many people can play?

The game works best with 3-6 players but anywhere from 2-8 players is possible. For larger groups we recommend adding a second deck.

Haven’t I seen this before?

There's a pretty good chance you've seen this as a brain training exercise or in a psych textbook. The effect that makes this game so difficult is taught in almost every introductory class on psychology.

Doesn’t it get repetitive and boring?

Fair question. The game was playtested for countless hours during development and the creators are still embarrassingly bad at it. Mix in a few drinks and the optional rules and you'd swear they were playing for the first time. For a real mindfuck, we recommend playing it Reverse Cowgirl style or mixing two different language versions together.

Does it come in other languages?

MINDJOB is available in English (American and British), Mexican Spanish, German and European French (French Canadian version coming soon!). If you want to see it in your native language please send us your card ideas here.

Is there a Canadian edition?

What the puck? Who’s the hoser that asked that!? No. Go back to playing hockey and eating poutine.

However, if you insist on sending us your card ideas we will readily accept your inevitable apology.

We suck and our game won't end. Now what?

We created the “Sudden Death Elimination Rule” for this exact situation.

Introduce this rule and we promise your game will wrap up in no time.

Is there an app?

An app is currently under development.

Can’t be FAQ’d?

Have another question that isn’t answered here? Feel free to drop us a line at