MINDJOB | an adult party game/drinking game

Blow. Your. Mind.


MINDJOB is an adult party game, a swearing game, and for those who dare, a drinking game that blends psychology with profanity to mess with your mind.

Laced with provocative innuendo, prepare to laugh at your friends, swear like a sailor and revel in the mistakes of others.

Not only will it make you thinkā€¦and drink, but finally your filthy mouth will pay off!

Best served cold at your next house party or pregame session.

** American, British, Mexican, German and French versions now available! **

Thousands of #MINDJOBS given

Always on our shortlist when beer pong and flip cup get old.

- Steve, Los Angeles, CA

Refreshingly unique. Unlike any other party game out there.

- Brandy, Tallahassee, FL

MINDJOB strikes the perfect balance between simple yet confusing as hell, it's a blast!

- The Chuggernauts

A party game that's a real mindfuck.

- BroBible

Definitely taking this back home to show my friends. Can't wait!

- Taylor, Austin, TX

Super fun! The best party game to pregame with

- Jono, Columbus, OH

I took it to a music festival last week and everyone loved it!

- Jennie, New York, NY

A total mindfuck. I love it!

- Jessie, Ann Arbor, MI

Don't get owned. Own it.

  • Who:  2-8 players (blend two decks for larger groups).
  • What:  90 cards (includes 10 drinking rules and 15 nsfw rules).
  • When:  When you're old enough to party (without adult supervision).
  • Where:  House parties, pregame sessions, game nights or at the cottage.
  • Why:  Because you like to drink, swear and laugh at your friends.
  • How:  A few drinks, a few drinks and a few too many.

NSFW + Drinking Rules

NSFW Drinking Rules