MINDJOB | an adult party game/drinking game

Blow. Your. Mind.


MINDJOB is an adult party game, a swearing game, and for those who dare, a drinking game that blends psychology with profanity to mess with your mind.

Laced with provocative innuendo, prepare to laugh at your friends, swear like a sailor and revel in the mistakes of others.

Not only will it make you think…and drink, but finally your filthy mouth will pay off!

Best served cold at your next house party or pregame session.

** American, British, Mexican, German and French versions now available! **

Thousands of #MINDJOBS given

Always on our shortlist when beer pong and flip cup get old.

- Steve, Los Angeles, CA

Refreshingly unique. Unlike any other party game out there.

- Brandy, Tallahassee, FL

MINDJOB strikes the perfect balance between simple yet confusing as hell, it's a blast!

- The Chuggernauts

A party game that's a real mindfuck.

- BroBible

Definitely taking this back home to show my friends. Can't wait!

- Taylor, Austin, TX

Super fun! The best party game to pregame with

- Jono, Columbus, OH

I took it to a music festival last week and everyone loved it!

- Jennie, New York, NY

A total mindfuck. I love it!

- Jessie, Ann Arbor, MI

Don't get owned. Own it.

  • Who:  2-8 players (blend two decks for larger groups).
  • What:  90 cards (includes 10 drinking rules and 15 nsfw rules).
  • When:  When you're old enough to party (without adult supervision).
  • Where:  House parties, pregame sessions, game nights or at the cottage.
  • Why:  Because you like to drink, swear and laugh at your friends.
  • How:  A few drinks, a few drinks and a few too many.

NSFW + Drinking Rules

NSFW Drinking Rules